so before that terrible thing happens, it’s good for members to anticipate first by learning to understand how to open an Online Gambling Site that has been hit by a block / positive internet. And here are 3 best and easiest ways to open an Pkv Games QQ Online Gambling Site that has already been blocked, including the following;

  1. Using Alternative Links

The easiest and most common way for members to open blocked online gambling sites is to use an alternative link. For example, you are already registered as a member of an Online Gambling Site, both Soccer Gambling or Other Gambling. Of course the Online Gambling Agent where you are playing already provides an alternative link to anticipate blocking of Online Gambling Sites. There are even more hundreds of links provided by an Online Gambling Site to provide loyal members.

  1. Using an Android VPN

Online Gambling players need to know, that the government, especially Communication and Information can only block LINK to enter an Online Gambling Site, not to close its Online Gambling Site. Which means players can still open Online Gambling Sites and play the games available in them. So in addition to using alternative links, players can also open Online Gambling sites using VPN.

  1. Using VPN Browser

If the above is a way to open a site using an Android Smartphone VPN, here is how to open an Online Gambling Site using a VPN browser. The trick, please access the Online Gambling Site using Chrome or Mozilla browser, which is open the Add On menu. Next, click VPN Touch then select the install / download menu. Then, you just activate your VPN Browser, whether it’s Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and others.

  1. Using Google Cache

The last way we will provide to be able to access the Online Gambling Site that is blocked is through Google Cache. First of all, open the site that was blocked earlier even though you know the Online Gambling Site cannot be opened. Next, scroll down until you find the words “Click continue”. Click on the text and you will automatically go directly to the main menu Online Football Gambling Site.