Green 42

Our commitment to the environment was publicly recognized in 1996, when we were the winner of the California Water Reduction Awards Program (WRAP), an honor we earned by embracing the philosophy “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

  • We implemented the Concrete Orphan Distribution Program to counteract heaps of junk mail.

  • We are active members of the Ecology Center in Berkeley and our President, Cory Levenberg, was on the Board of Directors for eleven years. He continues to do pro-bono work for them.

  • We donate our used computer parts to local non-profit agencies and schools.

We’ve always been successful at reducing the amount of waste that our company generates. But we wanted to do more. So we teamed up with TerraPass, a San Francisco based company that offers products and services that offset the damaging effects of carbon emissions. Working with TerraPass, we were able to contribute to clean energy platforms, such as wind power, farm power (including dairy farm methane digesters), and landfill methane capture.

TerraPass helped us calculate our carbon footprint by measuring the amount of emissions that 42, Inc. was producing. Once we knew our footprint size, we were able to neutralize the detrimental effects of our own carbon emissions by purchasing credits from TerraPass. In turn, TerraPass purchases carbon offsets on our behalf, and helps fund measurable and verified reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

By partnering with TerraPass, we have expanded on our commitment to the environment through carbon reduction. In 2010, we’re reducing 67 metric tons of CO2, and establishing our company as carbon neutral.

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